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Message ID: 268     Entry time: 13 Jun 2006
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: ZLIB dependency modified 
Due to recent problems with the ROME analyzer having zlib.h both in the
system and in the midas tree it has been decided to change the zlib policy in midas. By default, zlib support is not included in the midas analyzer. If one want it (but I guess only very few experiments need that), one can do a

make NEED_ZLIB=1

to compile zlib support into mana.c

Under linux (&Co), the zlib is these days normally pre-installed. The header file will therefor be taken from /usr/include and the library from /usr/lib/libz.a. Under Windows, the zlib is still included in the distribution, and has to be manually added to the Visual C++ project file.
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