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Message ID: 281     Entry time: 28 Jul 2006
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: mhttpd: use more strlcpy(), fix a few bugs 
While investigating the mhttpd password error with the MacOS Safari browser, I
found that it was caused by an strcpy() buffer overflow. With Stefan's blessing,
I now converted most uses of strcpy() and strcat() to strlcpy() and strlcat().

This fixes the Safari password problem (it was memory corruption in mhttpd).

While validating these changes, I also found an incorrect use of sizeof() in the
mhttpd history code for plotting run markers. I fixed that as well.

P.S. The remaining strcpy() calls look safe wrt buffer overflows. There are no
strcat() calls left. But there is still a large number of unsafe-looking
sprintf() uses.

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