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Message ID: 299     Entry time: 04 Sep 2006
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: Fix MIDAS on MacOS 10.4.7 
I commited minor fixes for building MIDAS on MacOS 10.4.7:
1) there is no linux/unistd.h
2) gcc 4.0.0 does not like "struct { ... } var;" although "struct Foo { ... } var;" is fine
3) there is no "_syscall0(...)" macro
4) there is no "gettid()", I used pthread_self() instead.

P.S. ss_gettid() returns "int" instead of "midas_thread_t" (pthread_t, really). On MacOS 10.4.7 at least, 
pthread_t appears to be a pointer, not an int. Is that right?
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