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Message ID: 3     Entry time: 27 Aug 2003
Author: Pierre-André Amaudruz 
Subject: Operation under 1.9.3 with the analyzer 
1) Prior upgrading midas to 1.9.3, make sure you've saved your ODB in ASCII
   format using "odbedit> save my_odb.odb", as the internal structure is
   incompatible with previous version. You will be able to restore it once
   the new odb is up using "odbedit> load my_odb.odb".

2) since version 1.9.2, the analyzer supports ROOT and PAW packages.
   The general Midas makefile build the analyzer core system mana.c
   differently depending on presence of the environment variable $ROOTSYS.

   In the case $ROOTSYS is not defined, the Makefile will create:
   ~/os/lib/mana.o, build for NO HBOOK calls.
   ~/os/lib/hmana.o, build with HBOOK calls for PAW analyzer
    (requires /cern/pro/lib to be present).

   In the case $ROOTSYS is defined and pointing to a valid root directory:
   ~/os/lib/mana.o, build for NO HBOOK calls.
   ~/os/lib/rmana.o, build for ROOT analyzer.

3) Since 1.9.2, the ~/examples/experiment contains the ROOT
   analyzer example instead of HBOOK. The local Makefile uses the source
   examples and the ~/os/lib/rmana.o for building the final user
   The previous HBOOK(PAW) analyzer has been moved into ~examples/hbookexpt
   directory. The analyzer is build using the ~/os/lib/hmana.o 

4) A new application "rmidas" is available when the system is build with
   ROOT support. This application is an initial "pure" ROOT GUI implementing
   TSocket for remote ROOT histogram display. 
   Once a ONLINE ROOT analyzer is up and running, by invoking "rmidas"
   you will be prompt for a host name. Enter the node name hosting the
   analyzer. You will be presented with a list of histogram which can
   be display in a ROOT frame environment (see attachment). 

5) The support of ROOT is also available for the logger by changing  
   the data format and the destination file name in the ODB structure.
   This option will save on file the Midas banks converted into ROOT Tree.
   This file can be opened with ROOT (see attachment).

------- ODB structure of /Logger/Channels/0/Settings
    Active                          y
    Type                            Disk
    Filename                        run%05d.root    <<<<<<<<< new extension
    Format                          ROOT            <<<<<<<<< new format
    Compression                     0
    ODB dump                        y
    Log messages                    0
    Buffer                          SYSTEM
    Event ID                        -1
    Trigger mask                    -1
    Event limit                     0
    Byte limit                      0
    Tape capacity                   0
    Subdir format                   
    Current filename                run00211.root

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