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Entry  27 Dec 2006, Eric-Olivier LE BIGOT, Forum, Access to out_info from mana.c 
    Reply  05 Jan 2007, Eric-Olivier LE BIGOT, Suggestion, Access to out_info from mana.c 
       Reply  08 Jan 2007, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Access to out_info from mana.c 
Message ID: 316     Entry time: 27 Dec 2006     Reply to this: 317
Author: Eric-Olivier LE BIGOT 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Access to out_info from mana.c 

Is it possible to access out_info (defined in mana.c) from another program?

In fact, out_info is now defined as an (anonymous) "static struct" in mana.c,
which it seems to me precludes any direct use in another program.  Is there an
indirect way of getting ahold of out_info?  or of the information it contains?

out_info used to be defined as a *non-static* struct, and the code I'm currently
modifying used to compile seamlessly: it now stops the compilation during
linking time, as out_info is now static and the program I have to compile
contains an "extern struct {} out_info".

Any help would be much appreciated!  I searched in vain in this forum for
details about out_info and I really need to access the information it contains!

EOL (a pure MIDAS novice)
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