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Message ID: 333     Entry time: 30 Jan 2007
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Large files under Windows XP 

We have problems analyzing large files under Windows XP. For small file sizes,
everything is ok. We have events of 2.8 MB each, and we can read ~30 events per
second. But if the file gets larger than typically 600-800 MB, then access
becomes very slow, about 1 event per second. This is not the case under Linux,
where it stays at 30 Hz (~90 MB/sec). 

Looking at the low level file access, it is obvious that this has nothing to do
with midas, this problem can be reproduced with a simple program reading chunks
of 3MB from a 1GB file. The Windows XP file system is NTFS, default formatting.
Does anyone else have observed a similar problem or maybe even have some
suggestions? Unfortunately many people here want to analyze midas data under

Stefan Ritt
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