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Message ID: 343     Entry time: 11 Feb 2007
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: svn and "make indent" trashed my svn checkout tree... 
Fuming, fuming, fuming.

The combination of "make indent" and "svn update" completely trashed my work copy of midas. Half of 
the files now show as status "M", half as status "C" ("in conflict"), even those I never edited myself (e.g. 
mscb firmware files).

I think what happened as that once I ran "make indent", the indent program did things to the source 
files (changed indentation, added spaces in "foo(a,b,c); --> foo(a, b, c);" etc, so now svn thinks that I 
edited the files and they are in conflict with later modifications.

I suggest that nobody ever ever ever should use "make indent", and if they do, they should better 
commit their "changes" made by indent very quickly, before their midas tree is trashed by the next "svn 

And if they commit the changes made by "make indent", beware that "make indent" is not idempotent, 
running it multiple times, it keeps changing files (keeps moving some dox comments around).

Also beware of entering a tug-of-war with Stefan - at least on my machines, my "make indent" seems 
to produce different output from his.

Still fuming, even after some venting...
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