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Message ID: 36     Entry time: 15 Dec 2003
Author: Pierre-André Amaudruz 
Subject: ROOT GUI at Triumf 
The current Triumf DAQ standard (Midas) since the second quarter of this
year (2003) has the capability to deal with ROOT histograms. The internal
midas logger can save data files in ROOT format and the analyzer can book
and fill ROOT histograms. These features triggered a new project started
during summer 2003 for building a Triumf GUI ROOT/Midas display utility.

The initial requirements for this utility are:
1) Solely based on ROOT (VirtualX, no Qt)
2) Similar overall functionality than PAW.
   - Open concurrent ROOT files.
   - Open connection to a single Midas Online experiment (requires analyzer
                                                          as server)
   - Optional Auto-update in ONLINE mode.
   - Zoning, Zooming option display.
   - Simple Historgram gaphic manipulation. (based on current ROOT
   - Tree manipulation ( use of TBrowser())
   - Simple user script invocation.
   - Optional experiment specific customization.
3) Session configuration save/restore option.

An initial version has been developed and currently is under evaluation.
Improvement and further development will based on the local experimenters

This utility will be available for external use around the second quarter of
the 2004 at the latest.

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