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Message ID: 360     Entry time: 06 Mar 2007
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: commited mhttpd fixes & improvements 
I commited the mhttpd fixes and improvements to the history code accumulated while running the ALPHA 
experiment at CERN:

- fix crashes and infinite loops while generating history plots (also seen in TWIST)
- permit more than 10 variables per history plot
- let users set their own colours for variables on history plot
- (finally) add gui elements for setting mimimum and maximum values on a plot
- implement special "history" mode. In this mode, the master mhttpd does all the work, except for 
generating of history plots, which is done in a separate mhttpd running in history mode, possibly on a 
different computer (via ODB variable "/history/url").

I also have improvements to the mhttpd elog code (better formatting of email) and to the "export history 
plot as CSV" function, which I will not be commiting: for elog, we switched to the standalone elogd; and 
CSV export is still very broken, even with my fixes.

The commited fixes have been in use at CERN since last Summer, but I could have introduced errors 
during the merge & commit. I am now using this new code, so any new errors should surface and get 
squashed quickly.

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