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Message ID: 365     Entry time: 03 Apr 2007
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Switch to Visual C++ 2005 under Windows 
I had to switch to Visual C++ 2005 under Windows. This required the upgrade of
all project files under \midas\nt\ and fixing a few warnings, since the new
compiler is more picky. 

Note that in order to use most C RTL funcitons, you have to define two
preprocessor statements:


either at the beginning of a file (before you include stdio.h), or via the
project property page under C/C++ / Preprocessor / Preprocessor Definitions,
where you also have the WIN32 and the _CONSOLE definitions. I adapted all
project files in the distribution, but for all local projects this has to be
done additionally.
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