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Entry  21 Sep 2004, Konstantin Olchanski, , ODB-EPICS gateway 
    Reply  21 Sep 2004, Stefan Ritt, , ODB-EPICS gateway 
Message ID: 38     Entry time: 21 Sep 2004     Reply to this: 39
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: ODB-EPICS gateway 
At TRIUMF, we use several different versions of code to interface MIDAS and
EPICS ( Now that we more or less understand
our needs, I propose this design for a simplified "EPICS" MIDAS frontend. I
would like to keep this new front end in the MIDAS CVS repository, possibly
replacing the existing EPICS frontend in examples/epics.

The basic idea is to provide an ODB-driven bi-directional gateway between
EPICS and ODB with this functionality: periodically read EPICS data and save
it in ODB, optionally generate MIDAS events with EPICS data; for writing
data to EPICS, use hotlinks- if the user changes "write" variables in ODB,
the changes are sent to EPICS.

1) ODB structure
       epics[...] <--- EPICS->ODB data (double[])
       write[...] <--- ODB->EPICS data (double[])
       num epics  <--- number of epics variables (int)
       num write  <--- number of write variables (int)
       names epics <--- human-readable names for EPICS variables (string[])
       names write <--- human-readable names for EPICS variables (string[])
       chans epics <--- EPICS channels for epics-read data (string[])
       chans write <--- EPICS channels for epics-write data (string[])
       period      <--- EPICS read period in milliseconds (int[])
       enable epics <-- enable (y/n) epics-read (bool[])
       enable write <-- enable (y/n) epics-write (bool[])
       enable events <- enable event generation (bool)

2) EPICS to ODB data path: periodically read each enabled "epics" variable
and write the data values to ODB. Other front ends can hotlink the "epics"
variables to receive updated epics data.

3) ODB to EPICS data path: monitor the hotlink to ".../variables/write". If
data changes, send the changes to EPICS. At startup, write all "write"
variables to EPICS.

4) event generation: TBD.

5) error handling: TBD.

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