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Entry  17 Oct 2007, Randolf Pohl, Forum, Multi-core CPUs 
    Reply  17 Oct 2007, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Multi-core CPUs 
Message ID: 414     Entry time: 17 Oct 2007     In reply to: 413
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Multi-core CPUs 
> I have this beautiful Intel Quadcore with fast disks, but MIDAS does obviously 
> only make use of one CPU at a time. Has anyboy of you already done some work 
> on making MIDAS parallel? Event-based data analysis should be the best 
> candidate for this.

There are ring buffer routines rb_xxx for distributed event analysis, but this is
currently only implemented in the front-end framework. These routines are pretty
simple, and their integration into the analyzer should not be very difficult.
Unfortunately I don't have time for that right now. We do our analysis such that we
analyze four different runs in parallel on a quadcore machine.

- Stefan
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