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Message ID: 418     Entry time: 27 Nov 2007
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: ODB links to array elements implemented 
In revision 4090 I implemented ODB links to individual array elements. Now you
can have for example:

Key name                        Type    #Val  Size  Last Opn Mode Value
array                           INT     10    4     2m   0   RWD
                                        [0]             0
                                        [1]             0
                                        [2]             123
                                        [3]             0
                                        [4]             0
                                        [5]             0
                                        [6]             0
                                        [7]             0
                                        [8]             0
                                        [9]             0
element2 -> /array[2]           INT     1     4     3m   0   RWD  123

In this case, the link "element2" points to the third element of "array", but is
treated like a single value. This links are very useful for example for the
"Edit on start" parameters, which can now point to individual array elements.
The same is true for the "Links BOR" when the logger writes to a MySQL database.

This modification required major modifications in the ODB. I have carefully
tested the example experiment from the distribution to verify that everything is
fine, but I'm not 100% sure that I covered all possible situations. So if you
update to revision 4090+ and you observe some strange behavior related to links
in the ODB, please report.

There are following two new functions related to this change: 


They are counterparts of db_get_key() and db_get_data(), respectively, but
without following links in the ODB. These functions are probably not of much use
outside odbedit and mhttpd, which are supposed to display links explicitly. Most
user applications want to follow links without even knowing that these are links.
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