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Message ID: 440     Entry time: 19 Feb 2008
Author: Petr Nomokonov 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Frontend - Backend c onnection 
Backend computer with SLC4.4 Linux did'not work as mserver because some security
protection under iptables service (could not connect with frontend computers).
The connection established if to make ( under root ) iptables disable
by command: service iptables stop, or much more gently
just to accept mserver port with command (under root):
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 1175 -j ACCEPT
( in /etc/service 
  midas    1175/tcp       #Midas server)
To check which ports is open
it is possible to use the command: "netstat -n" to see digital numbers of ports.
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