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Entry  18 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, mhttpd safari 3.0.4 redirect problem 
    Reply  21 Feb 2008, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, mhttpd safari 3.0.4 redirect problem 
Message ID: 442     Entry time: 21 Feb 2008     In reply to: 433
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: mhttpd safari 3.0.4 redirect problem 
>     /* start command */
>     if (*getparam("Start")) {
>        /* for NT: close reply socket before starting subprocess */
> -      redirect2("?cmd=programs");
> +      redirect2("/?cmd=programs");

The second version won't work if mhttpd is run under an Apache proxy. Assume the proxy redirects


If you now do a redirect to "/?cmd=programs", you will end up at

which is now what you want. I tried to put a "./?cmd=programs", and that bings you to

which is correctly redirected to

I tried with the windows version (ughhh) of Safari and it worked for me. So give it a try, the change is committed.

> ODB corruption happens here:
>        sprintf(str, "/Programs/%s/Start command", name);
> -      db_get_value(hDB, 0, str, command, &size, TID_STRING, TRUE);
> +      db_get_value(hDB, 0, str, command, &size, TID_STRING, FALSE);
>        if (command[0]) {
>           ss_system(command);
> It looks like db_get_value() would corrupt ODB if given funny "str". When Safari explodes,
> funny strings are generated.

What happes is an endless redirect from xxxx -> xxxx?cmd=Programs. So in the end you have

and in the end you get a stack overflow, which busts all.

> The simple fix is to replace "TRUE" with "FALSE", then at least db_get_value() does not try to make bogus 
> entries in ODB.

I changed both butting FALSE there and adding

   if (strchr(name, '?'))
      *strchr(name, '?') = 0;

which keeps the URL short.

So for me it looks fine at the moment, but I cannot guarantee that everything works, so keep an eye open on that.
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