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Entry  05 Feb 2008, Denis Bilenko, Info, pymidas 0.6.0 released - python bindings for Midas 
    Reply  18 Feb 2008, Exaos Lee, Bug Report, Great! But I failed to run it. :( 
       Reply  26 Feb 2008, Denis Bilenko, Bug Report, NEED_SHLIB=1 is broken 
          Reply  27 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, NEED_SHLIB=1 is broken 
             Reply  29 Feb 2008, Denis Bilenko, Bug Report, NEED_SHLIB=1 is broken 
Message ID: 446     Entry time: 27 Feb 2008     In reply to: 445     Reply to this: 450
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: NEED_SHLIB=1 is broken 
--- Makefile    (revision 4129)
+++ Makefile    (working copy)
-       $(LIB_DIR)/mxml.o $(LIB_DIR)/cnaf_callback.o \
+       $(LIB_DIR)/mxml.o \
> i.e. remove cnaf_callback.o which causes the link errors.

Hi, Denis - I confirm that cnaf_callback.c is only used by MIDAS frontends that implement CAMAC
functions and that it should not required for building the MIDAS library. I am now looking at removing 
it from libmidas.

> I propose that is built by default, so when something breaks it won't go unnoticed

We have been through this before and decided that shared libraries are bad and we do not want to use 
them. The option for building was preserved, though.

Not to refight old wars, on reason against using shared libraries was version skew - one could never be 
sure what version of midas is being used - depending on the PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, rpath settings, 
etc. There were other reasons, perhaps practical, perhaps with the mserver.

The main problem with "just build it", is that then the rest of midas will link against it bringing back all 
the problems we solved by going away from using shared libraries.

So back to your proposal about building - can you look and see if you can do the Python 
bindings with a statically linked midas library?

I know it is possible with Perl bindings - perl creates it's own shared library containing perl api glue 
linked against a foreign static library libfoo.a , so in theory, the shared library is not needed.

But perhaps, Python do things differently...

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