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Message ID: 476     Entry time: 02 Apr 2008
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: add "const" attributes to db_xxx() functions 
Now that we use more and more C++, lack of "const" attribute on most midas functions is causing some 
problems. I am now ready to commit changes to midas.h and odb.c that add the const attributes to ODB 
access functions db_xxx(), i.e.
INT db_rename_key(HNDLE hDB, HNDLE hKey, char *name)
INT db_rename_key(HNDLE hDB, HNDLE hKey, const char *name)

If we proceed with this conversion, and it does not cause major havoc, I can continue and "const"ify the 
rest of midas.h. I note that the mxml functions appear to already have the correct "const" declarations.

P.S. Adding the "const" attribute caught a few places where we were modifying a "char*" string passed by 
the caller. This is undesirable if we are passed a string literal, i.e. db_rename_key(...,"foo"), and it is a 
complete disaster in conjunction with C++ strings, i.e. db_rename_key(...,foo.c_str())

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