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Entry  30 Jun 2004, Piotr Zolnierczuk, , mvme167 problems 
    Reply  30 Jun 2004, Piotr Zolnierczuk, , mvme167 problems 
Message ID: 49     Entry time: 30 Jun 2004     Reply to this: 50
Author: Piotr Zolnierczuk 
Subject: mvme167 problems 
 I am really puzzled: I am running the very same as far as sources
are concerned (Dec 12, 2003 snapsot) midas frontend (miniexp + camacnul)
on two different machines (and the same trusted private network):

1) one is an ancient Pentium/100 MHz laptop with RedHat Linux 7.3 and 
2) another one is event more ancient MVME167 25MHz running VxWorks 5.4.2

The front end on my Linux PC works just fine, whereas on the MVME167
I get intermittent crashes (most often at the end of the run).
[Correction: the crashes happen, I think, when the frontend wants 
to update the ODB]

The crashes happen in db_set_record routines

Any ideas what might be wrong? 
Except that MVME167 is a piece of ...#@!% 

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