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Message ID: 495     Entry time: 16 Jul 2008
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Implementation of db_set_link_data() and db_set_link_data_index() 
The current implementation of ODB links has the problem that once a link is
created, it cannot be changed any more through odbedit. This is because each
"set" command works on the destination of the link instead of the link. The same
happens when one loads a *.odb file. To overcome this problem, two new functions
db_set_link_data() and db_set_link_data_index() have been implemented. They
resemble their counterparts db_set_data() and db_set_data_index(), but they can
be used to directly modify a link instead of the link target. I use these
functions now in odbedit and db_paste() so that the above described problems are
fixed now. I do not expect any side effect of this, but if people experience
problems with db_paste(), please let me know.
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