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Message ID: 497     Entry time: 28 Aug 2008
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: triumf/t2k midas updates 
Following changes to midas produced from the TRIUMF T2K project have been
committed to svn:
1) cm_shutdown() will now SIGKILL clients that cannot be stopped via normal
means. Previously cm_shutdown() would print a message to the effect "please kill
this client yourself manually". The user action in this case (assuming they did
not issue cm_shutdown() by mistake) has been to find out the client pid using
"ps", kill -KILL it, then "odbedit clean". cm_shutdown() now performs all this
2) rpc_send_event() did not correctly detect loss of connection to the remote
mserver (i.e. in case it was killed by cm_shutdown() above). Now, correct error
handling is in place and the remote frontend should gracefully shutdown if
mserver connection is lost. (However I observe that some of my remote frontends
fail to exit unless I do "exit(1);" from my frontend_exit() function.
3) mhttpd bug fixed: when editing odb entries, the "cancel" button did not work
4) lazylogger "script" backup type is now fully tested and documented. Example
scripts for writing to dcache are available by request.
5) mlogger and mhttpd changes for writing history data to an sql database are
mostly completed and will be committed after some more debugging. (If you are
interested in details, please contact me directly).
6) (committed some time ago) Makefile changes for cross-compiling midas are now
in: "make linux32", "make linux64", "make crosscompile".
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