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Message ID: 501     Entry time: 19 Sep 2008
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Lazylogger logging changed 
I modified the logging behavior of lazylogger. Originally, it was writing 
messages (run copied, removed, ...) both into midas.log and 
lazy_log_update.log. Since we have many files, it kind of clutters up the 
logging files. I think it is a good idea to have a separate file (which I 
changed not to "lazy.log" instead of "lazy_log_update.log" which I guess was a 
bug), so I put the logging into the main file under a conditional compile:

   cm_msg(MINFO, "lazy_log_update", str);

so it can be turned on again by adding -DWRITE_MIDAS_LOG to the compile line. 
If other experiments have different needs, one could make the logging behavior 
controllable through the ODB. In that case, I would suggest a single parameter 
"Logging file" which can be either "midas.log" for the normal logging or 
"lazy.log" for logging into the extra file. I guess having the messages twice 
on the system is not needed by any experiment.

- Stefan
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