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Message ID: 505     Entry time: 13 Oct 2008
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mhttpd multi-experiment support removed 
Previously, one mhttpd server could sever several experiments at the same time. 
This caused however sometimes problems and was hard to maintain. Starting from 
SVN revision 4348, I removed the multi-experiment support, which I believe is 
now a much cleaner implementation. So if several experiments are defined on a 
computer, each one need a separate mhttpd process listening on a different 
port. The experiment name can now be supplied on the command line to mhttpd 
like for any other midas program. I have tested this so far at two experiments 
at PSI, but this does not cover all possibilities. What I did not try was 
experiments with web passwords and odb passwords. If there is any problem after 
upgrading to 4348, please report.
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