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Message ID: 506     Entry time: 13 Oct 2008
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: MIDAS drivers for Tundra tsi148 pci-vme bridge 
The latest midas mvmestd.h driver for the Tundra tsi148 pci-vme bridge as used
on GEFANUC VME processors have been commited, revision 4349.

This midas drivers require the "gefvme" Linux kernel driver supplied by GEFANUC
as part of their Linux BSP. (Note that version "v7865-sdk-linux-R01.00" from
GEFANUC is mostly non-functional).

At TRIUMF have the V7865 VME processors and use the kernel driver
v7865-sdk-linux-R01.00-KO6. This driver supports these functions:

1) memory mapped access to full VME A16 and A24 address spaces and window-mapped
access to VME A32 address space. (original gefvme driver does not do
memory-mapped access)
2) DMA directly from vme to user memory, with support for multi-segment chained
transfers (original gefvme driver lacks chained transfers)
3) DMA from user memort to vme should work but is untested
4) no support for interrupts (original gefvme driver does not interrupts).

If you are interested in in using the TRIUMF driver, please contact me directly.

If you already purchased the GEFANUC BSP, I think you can use my drivers
immediately, without objection from GEFANUC.

Otherwise, I will have to do some research into the gefvme code license: since
all of the code appears to have GPL headers and identical code exists on the
internet, I expect to find that my gefvme driver can be freely distributed under
the GPL. But until then, and until it is cleared with TRIUMF management, I
cannot make my gefvme driver available for free download.

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