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Entry  21 Oct 2008, Randolf Pohl, Forum, Mixed CAMAC/VME frontend, SIS3100 
    Reply  22 Oct 2008, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Mixed CAMAC/VME frontend, SIS3100 
Message ID: 512     Entry time: 22 Oct 2008     In reply to: 511
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Mixed CAMAC/VME frontend, SIS3100 
> Dear MIDAS-addicts,
> I would like to hear your opinion on this:
> We've until now used CAMAC with Hytec 1331 controllers. We're using Yale FADCs 
> whose readout takes ages in CAMAC (2048 samples take 2 milliseconds to be 
> read). We've got 20+ FADC channels (we usually read only 2-3)
> Now we've had the brilliant idea to replace the Yale FADCs with some VME 
> digitizer and we now plan to buy a Struck SIS 1100/3100 PCI-VME controller,
> plus 4 pc. CAEN 1720 8ch 12bit, 250MHz WFD.
> (1) Can anybody comment on this choice? Good experiences/problems?
> We are still using the CAMAC stuff for all other modules (TDCs, ADCs, 
> scalers). So my plan is to have ONE frontend who reads both the CAMAC modules 
> and the VME modules.
> (2) Is it possible to build and run a dual-controller frontend for both CAMAC 
> and VME? Does anybody have experience with that? Or is it a stupid idea?
> I'd appreciate any hints.
> [Edit: We're using Linux]
> Thanks a lot,
> Randolf

Dear Randolf,

I used some time ago several HYTEC 1331 controllers together with the Struck 
SIS3100. Since the HYTEC is IO-mapped and the SIS3100 is memory mapped, there was 
no problem in running them in parallel. Note however that there will soon be an 
improved version of the SIS3100 with improved speed, and also CAEN plans a WFD 
with 32 channels, 6 GSPS, 12 bit, using the DRS chip for the next year. I don't 
know if you need that, but just that you know.

Best regards, 
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