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Message ID: 516     Entry time: 23 Oct 2008
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: bm_wait_for_free_space never sleeps inside the mserver 
When mserver receives events from remote client, writes them into a data buffer and this data buffer 
becomes 100% full, we see mserver go into 100% consumption.

It turns out this happens because bm_wait_for_free_space() never sleeps, instead, it busy-loops waiting 
for free space. bm_wait_for_free_space() does call ss_suspend(), but ss_suspend() does not sleep 
because there is pending data in the event network connection and it want to process it.

Best solution I have is to use silly "if (ss_suspend()!=SS_TIMEOUT) sleep(1);"

Also read this explanation: (bm_cleanup is needed to detect that the client holding the buffer at 100% 
full (a stuck or dead GET_ALL reader, mevb in our case), has been killed off and we can continue as 

       /* signal other clients wait mode */
       pheader->client[bm_validate_client_index(pbuf)].write_wait = requested_space;
+      bm_cleanup("bm_wait_for_free_space", ss_millitime(), FALSE);
       status = ss_suspend(1000, MSG_BM);
+      /* make sure we do sleep in this loop:
+       * if we are the mserver receiving data on the event
+       * socket and the data buffer is full, ss_suspend() will
+       * never sleep: it will detect data on the event channel,
+       * call rpc_server_receive() (recursively, we already *are* in
+       * rpc_server_receive()) and return without sleeping. Result
+       * is a busy loop waiting for free space in data buffer */
+      if (status != SS_TIMEOUT)
+         sleep(1);
       /* validate client index: we could have been removed from the buffer */
       pheader->client[bm_validate_client_index(pbuf)].write_wait = 0;

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