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Entry  23 Oct 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, strange output from "odbedit cleanup" 
    Reply  28 Oct 2008, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, strange output from "odbedit cleanup" 
Message ID: 518     Entry time: 28 Oct 2008     In reply to: 515
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: strange output from "odbedit cleanup" 
> When I run odbedit remotely (odbedit -h ladd09), the "cleanup" command unexpectedly produces the 
> output of the "sor" command (sure enough, there is a call to db_get_open_records() there), but when I run 
> it locally, I do not get this output (but db_get_open_records() is still called). Strange. K.O.

The db_get_open_records() call was by mistake there, I removed it. What remains is that the notification 
message if a client is removed from the ODB goes through the system messages. When running locally, odbedit 
echoes it's own messages, but when running remotely, this is not the case. So the messages can be seen by 
everybody else (plus it ends up in the message file), but not by the remote odbedit where the cleanup is 
started. The quick fix for that is to say "old" in odbedit which shows the last few lines of the message 
file, so one can see any successful cleanup. 
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