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Entry  04 Nov 2008, Suzannah Daviel, Suggestion, <odb ... edit=1> buttons and javascript  
    Reply  09 Nov 2008, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, <odb ... edit=1> buttons and javascript  
Message ID: 526     Entry time: 09 Nov 2008     In reply to: 522
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: <odb ... edit=1> buttons and javascript  
> When writing custom webpages, it would be nice to be able to write code such as
> <odb src="/Equipment/TITAN_ACQ/ppg cycle/trans3/time offset (ms)" edit=1>
> from Javascript, e.g.
> <script  type="text/javascript">
> if ( flag != 3)
>    document.write('<odb src="/Equipment/TITAN_ACQ/ppg cycle/trans3/time offset
> (ms)" edit=1>ms');
> else
>    document.write('<odb src="/Equipment/TITAN_ACQ/ppg cycle/trans4/time offset
> (ms)" edit=1>ms');
> </script>
> This is not translated correctly by mhttpd; the final quote and bracket get
> stripped off, and it gives Javascript error
>  Error: unterminated string literal
> Source File: http://titan04:8089/CS/ppg_cycle?cmd=Edit&index=11
> Line: 477, Column: 18
> Source Code:
>    document.write('<input type=text size=10 maxlength=80 name=value value="1">
> I can get round this by using an input box and a combination of ODBGet and
> ODBSet, but it would be easier if the edit=1 form above worked correctly, or
> there was a command like ODBSet that would accept input from the user.
> Thanks.
>  would be nice is there was a command such as ODBGet or ODBSet that would work
> with javascript to 

Actually that won't work, even if I would fix it. The <odb> tag is evaluated on the
server side (mhttpd), where is gets replaced by the actual ODB value. But if you
use JavaScript to generate the <odb> tag dynamically, this only happens on the
client side, so the server has no chance to substitute them. So you have to go with
ODBGet's I'm afraid. Nevertheless, I changed the code such that any ODB tags inside
a JavaScript is not interpreted by mhttpd.
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