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Entry  26 Nov 2008, Jimmy Ngai, Info, Send email alert in alarm system 
    Reply  26 Nov 2008, Stefan Ritt, Info, Send email alert in alarm system 
Message ID: 531     Entry time: 26 Nov 2008     In reply to: 530
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Send email alert in alarm system 
> We have a temperature/humidity sensor in MIDAS now and will add a liquid level 
> sensor to MIDAS soon. We want the operators to get alerted ASAP when the 
> laboratory environment or the liquid level reached some critical levels. Can 
> MIDAS send email alerts or SMS alerts to cell phones when the alarms are 
> triggered? If yes, how can I config it?

Sure that's possible, that's why MIDAS contains an alarm system. To use it, define 
an ODB alarm on your liquid level, like

/Alarms/Alarms/Liquid Level
Active	                 y
Triggered	         0 (0x0)
Type	                 3 (0x3)
Check interval	        60 (0x3C)
Checked last	1227690148 (0x492D10A4)
Time triggered first	(empty)
Time triggered last	(empty)
Condition	        /Equipment/Environment/Variables/Input[0] < 10
Alarm Class	        Level Alarm
Alarm Message	        Liquid Level is only %s

The Condition if course might be different in your case, just select the correct 
variable from your equipment. In this case, the alarm triggers an alarm of class 
"Level Alarm". Now you define this alarm class:

/Alarms/Classes/Level Alarm
Write system message	y
Write Elog message	n
System message interval	600 (0x258)
System message last	0 (0x0)
Execute command	        /home/midas/level_alarm '%s'
Execute interval	1800 (0x708)
Execute last	        0 (0x0)
Stop run	        n
Display BGColor	        red
Display FGColor	        black

The key here is to call a script "level_alarm", which can send emails. Use 
something like:

echo $1 | mail -s \"Level Alarm\"
odbedit -c 'msg 2 level_alarm \"Alarm was sent to\"'

The second command just generates a midas system message for confirmation. Most 
cell phones (depends on the provider) have an email address. If you send an email 
there, it gets translated into a SMS message.

The script file above can of course be more complicated. We use a perl script 
which parses an address list, so everyone can register by adding his/her email 
address to that list. The script collects also some other slow control variables 
(like pressure, temperature) and combines this into the SMS message.

For very sensitive systems, having an alarm via SMS is not everything, since the 
alarm system could be down (computer crash or whatever). In this case we use 
'negative alarms' or however you might call it. The system sends every 30 minutes 
an SMS with the current levels etc. If the SMS is missing for some time, it might 
be an indication that something in the midas system is wrong and one can go there 
and investigate.
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