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Message ID: 534     Entry time: 27 Nov 2008
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: lazylogger updated 
lazylogger was updated to improve handling of the list of runs still on disk
(odb /Lazy/xxx/List).

Previously, each and every run was listed in the List arrays. With modern
Terabyte-sized data disks, many many days worth of runs tend to remain on disk
and these List arrays were getting too big, inflating the size of ODB dumps
written by mlogger into the output data file and slowing down starting and
stopping of runs considerably.

Now, the runs are listed as ranges of "first run" - "last run", (see example below).

This significantly reduces the size of the "List" arrays and makes lazylogger
usable for the ALPHA experiment at CERN and for T2K/ND280 prototype DAQ at
TRIUMF (writing to Castor and Dcache respectively, using the newly added
"Script" method).

The new List format is fully compatible with the old format and you can update
and run the new lazylogger without changing anything in ODB. New runs will be
added to the List arrays in the new format and data in the old format will
eventually go away as old runs are removed from disk.

svn revision 4394.

Example: this reads like this:
range from 7100 to 7154
range from 7157 to 7161 (7155-7156 are missing)
range from 7163 to 7168 (7162 is missing)
runs 7170, 7173, 7176
range from 7179 to 7182
and so forth.

ODB /Lazy/Dcache/List
[0] 7100 (0x1BBC)
[1] -7154 (0xFFFFE40E)
[2] 7157 (0x1BF5)
[3] -7161 (0xFFFFE407)
[4] 7163 (0x1BFB)
[5] -7168 (0xFFFFE400)
[6] 7170 (0x1C02)
[7] 7173 (0x1C05)
[8] 7176 (0x1C08)
[9] 7179 (0x1C0B)
[10] -7182 (0xFFFFE3F2)
[11] 7184 (0x1C10)
[12] 7188 (0x1C14)
[13] -7199 (0xFFFFE3E1)
[0] 7200 (0x1C20)
[1] -7225 (0xFFFFE3C7)
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