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Entry  17 Dec 2008, Renee Poutissou, Bug Report, Overflow on "cm_msg" command generates segfault 
    Reply  22 Dec 2008, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, Overflow on "cm_msg" command generates segfault 
Message ID: 545     Entry time: 22 Dec 2008     In reply to: 543
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Overflow on "cm_msg" command generates segfault 
> The following error has been reported to me by T2K colleagues:
> When using  "odbedit -c "msg my_message", the following behavior 
> has been observed depending on the length "n" of the message. 
> 1)  n < 100        All is well
> 2)  100 <= n < 245 Log not written but exit code = 0
> 3)  245 <= n < 280 Error: "Experiment not defined" and exit code = 1
> 4)  280 <= n       Error: "Cannot connect to remote host" and exit code = 1
> Also, when logging from compiled C code - when messages reach some magic length
> the MIDAS client sending them segfaults.
> Please fix

Uhhh, who wants this long messages? You should consider to split this into several 
smaller messages. Anyhow, having the above behavior is not good, so I fixed it in 
SVN revision 4422. I increased the maximum length to 1000 characters. Above that, 
the message gets truncated. If you need even more, we can make it a #define.

The second problem you describe (logging from compiled C code) I could not 
reproduce, so maybe it was related to the first one. Please try again and report 
if it persists.
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