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Entry  20 Jan 2009, Stefan Ritt, Info, Subrun scheme implemented 
    Reply  23 Jan 2009, Renee Poutissou, Info, Subrun scheme implemented 
       Reply  25 Jan 2009, Stefan Ritt, Info, Subrun scheme implemented 
Message ID: 556     Entry time: 20 Jan 2009     Reply to this: 558
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Subrun scheme implemented 
A new "subrun" scheme has been implemented in mlogger to split a big data file into several individual data files. This feature might be helpful if a data file from a single run gets too large (>4 GB for example) and if shorter runs are not wanted for efficiency reasons. The scheme works as follows:

  • Set /Channels/x/Settings/Subrun Byte limit to the number of bytes for a subrun
  • Set /Channels/x/Settings/Filename to something like run%05d_%02d.mid. The first %05d gets replaced by the run number, while the second one gets replaced by the subrun number. This will result in files such as
    run00001_00.mid    run #1
    run00001_01.mid      "
    run00001_02.mid      "
    run00001_03.mid      "
    run00002_00.mid    run #2
    run00002_01.mid      "
    run00002_02.mid      "
    run00002_03.mid      "

Each subrun will contain an ODB dump if this is turned on via /Channels/x/Settings/ODB dump. The stopping of the "main" run (after four subruns in the above example) can be done in the usual way (event limit in the front-end, manually through odbedit, etc.).

The code has been tested in two test environments, but not yet in a real experiment. So please test it before going into production. The modification in mlogger requires SVN revision 4440 of mlogger.c and 4441 of odb.c.

Please note that the lazylogger cannot be used with this scheme at the moment since it does not recognize the subruns. That will be fixed in a future version and announced in this forum.

- Stefan
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