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Entry  17 Jan 2009, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd, mlogger updates 
    Reply  21 Jan 2009, Andreas Suter, Bug Report, mhttpd, mlogger updates 
    Reply  18 Feb 2009, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, odbc sql history mlogger update 
Message ID: 557     Entry time: 21 Jan 2009     In reply to: 555
Author: Andreas Suter 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: mhttpd, mlogger updates 
There is an obvious "unwanted feature" in this version of the mhttpd. It writes the
"plot time" into the gif (mhttpd, if-statement starting in line 8853). 

Please check this obvious things more carefully in the future before submitting code. ;-)

> mhttpd and mlogger have been updated with potentially troublesome changes.
> Before using these latest versions, please make a backup of your ODB. This is
> svn revisions 4434 (mhttpd.c) and 4435 (mlogger.c).
> These new features are now available:
> - a "feature complete" implementation of "history in an SQL database". We use
> this new code to write history data from the T2K test setup in the TRIUMF M11
> beam line to a MySQL database (mlogger) and to make history plots directly from
> this database (mhttpd). We still write normal midas history files and we have a
> utility to import midas .hst files into an SQL database (utils/mh2sql). The code
> is functional, but incomplete. For best SQL database data layout, you should
> enable the "per variable history" (but backup your ODB before you do this!). All
> are welcome to try it, kick the tires, report any problems. Documentation TBW.
> - experimental implementation of "ODBRpc" added to the midas javascript library
> (ODBSet, ODBGet & co). This permits buttons on midas "custom" web pages to
> invoke RPC calls directly into user frontend programs, for example to turn
> things on or off. Documentation TBW.
> - the mlogger/mhttpd implementation of /History/Tags has proved troublesome and
> we are moving away from it. The SQL database history implementation already does
> not use it. During the present transition period:
> - mlogger and mhttpd will now work without /History/Tags. This implementation
> reads history tags directly from the history files themselves. Two downsides to
> this: it is slower and tags become non-persistent: if some frontends have not
> been running for a while, their variables may vanish from the history panel
> editor. To run in this mode, set "/History/DisableTags" to "y". Existing
> /History/Tags will be automatically deleted.
> - for the above 2 reasons, I still recommend using /History/Tags, but the format
> of the tags is now changed to simplify management and reduce odb size. mlogger
> will automatically convert the tags to this new format (this is why you should
> make a backup of your ODB).
> - using old mlogger with new mhttpd is okey: new mhttpd understands both formats
> of /History/Tags.
> - using old mhttpd with new mlogger is okey: please set ODB
> "/History/CreateOldTags" to "y" (type TID_BOOL/"boolean") before starting mlogger.
> K.O.
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