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Entry  26 Jan 2009, Derek Escontrias, Forum, Question - ODB access from a custom page 
    Reply  27 Jan 2009, Suzannah Daviel, Forum, Question - ODB access from a custom page 
Message ID: 561     Entry time: 27 Jan 2009     In reply to: 560
Author: Suzannah Daviel 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Question - ODB access from a custom page 
At present the only documentation on the Javascript library is in this elog
e.g. Message 496 31 Jul 08

The Javascript library which you can view
http://<your mhttpd host>/mhttpd.js
now supports ODBEdit as well as ODBGet and ODBSet
I advise you get the latest version of mhttpd.c so you can use ODBEdit which changes
the ODB value directly via ODBSet.

You use it like this:
document.write('<a href="#" onclick="ODBEdit(/Equipment/test/Variables/Demand[0])">');
document.write('<odb src="/Equipment/test/Variables/Demand[0]">');

You can also use HTML to edit the variables, but the advantage of Javascript is that
you can use variable ODB paths, so it is more powerful.

Here is an example of using a form on a custom page to edit a variable (in the
example, the run number) using Javascript (ODBEdit) and HTML. 

To try this example, in ODB, create key (STRING)
 and set it to "/home/user/try.html"

where the path of the example code on the disk is  /home/user/try.html

This will put an alias link on the Main Status page called "try" which you click on
to see the custom page.

Code of try.html:

<title> ODBEdit test</title>
<script src="/js/mhttpd.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
var my_action = '"/CS/try&"'
var rn
var path

document.write('<form method="get" name="form2" action='+my_action+'> ') 
document.write('<input name="exp" value="'+my_expt+'" type="hidden">');

document.write('Using Javascript and ODBEdit:
') path='/runinfo/run number' rn = ODBGet(path) document.write('Run Number: '+rn+'
') document.write('Edit Run Number:') document.write('<a href="#" onclick="ODBEdit(path)" >') document.write(rn) document.write('</a>'); document.write('
') ; </script>
Using HTML :
Using edit=2 ... Run Number: <odb src="/runinfo/run number" edit=2>
Using edit=1 ... Run Number: <odb src="/runinfo/run number" edit=1>
</form> </html> Note the "edit=2" feature is handy so that you can use Javascript or HTML on your page and the user sees no difference. > Hi, I am looking for a way to mutate ODB values from a custom page. I have been > using the edit attribute for the 'odb' tag, but for some things it would be nice > if a form can handle the change. I have seen references to ODBSet on the forums, > but I haven't been able to find documentation on it. Is there an available > Javascript library for Midas and/or are there more tags than I am aware of (I am > only aware of the 'odb' tag)?
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