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Entry  07 May 2004, Konstantin Olchanski, , min(a,b) in mana.c and mlogger.c 
    Reply  07 May 2004, Stefan Ritt, , min(a,b) in mana.c and mlogger.c 
       Reply  21 Jun 2004, Piotr Zolnierczuk, , min(a,b) in mana.c and mlogger.c 
Message ID: 59     Entry time: 07 May 2004     In reply to: 58     Reply to this: 60
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: min(a,b) in mana.c and mlogger.c 
> When I compile current cvs-head midas, I get errors about undefined function
> min(). I do not think min() is in the list of standard C functions, so
> something else should be used instead, like a MIN(a,b) macro. To make life
> more interesting, in a few places, there is also a variable called "min".
> Here is the error:
> src/mana.c: In function `INT write_event_ascii(FILE*, EVENT_HEADER*, 
> src/mana.c:2571: `min' undeclared (first use this function)
> src/mana.c:2571: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each 
>    function it appears in.)
> make: *** [linux/lib/rmana.o] Error 1

This is really a miracle to me. The min/max macros are defined both in midas.h
and msystem.h and worked the last ten years or so. However, I agree that macros
should follow the standard and use capital letters, so I changed that.
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