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Entry  24 Jun 2009, Razvan Stefan Gornea, Forum, Frontend and manual trigger question 
    Reply  25 Jun 2009, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Frontend and manual trigger question 
Message ID: 598     Entry time: 24 Jun 2009     Reply to this: 600
Author: Razvan Stefan Gornea 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Frontend and manual trigger question 

I have a question related to the frontend and I would need some suggestions
about the proper way of doing things in Midas.

I have some CAEN ADC boards and a VME interface and I made a simple frontend
that configures and reads the system and it works great ... Now I would like to
add a feature and it seems to me I am going the wrong way.

I would like to add manual trigger capability and so I added the EQ_MANUAL_TRIG
flag to the "CAEN" equipment type but the problem is that the framework calls
directly the readout function on "Midas manual trigger". To trigger manually the
CAEN ADC's I have to write some registers and therefore I either need to have a
function called before the readout function or be able in the readout function
to know if the call has been triggered by the poll function or "Midas manual
trigger". I tried to check the value *((DWORD *)pevent) but it seems to be a
well defined and meaningful value only when the readout function call is
triggered by the poll function.

So my question is what's the proper "Midas way" of doing this? Should I create a
new equipment which is of EQ_MANUAL_TRIG type and its readout function writes
the registers on the CAEN ADC's to trigger manually the boards? Is there a way
of "mapping" the Midas manual trigger to a "trigger generator function"? Because
I am a little bit confused ... Is the Midas manual trigger on the new equipment
(let's say "Manual trigger manager") going to increment the event ID? Then when
the event is really read through the readout function of the "CAEN" equipment
the event ID is going to be incremented again obviously ... 

Thanks a lot,
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