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Entry  04 Aug 2009, Exaos Lee, Forum, VME-related codes contribution
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    Reply  04 Aug 2009, Exaos Lee, Forum, The contents of the attachment 
Message ID: 615     Entry time: 04 Aug 2009     In reply to: 612
Author: Exaos Lee 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: The contents of the attachment 
As requested from K.O., I paste the "00README.txt" as the following:
#-*- mode: outline -*-
#-*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
#AUTHOR: Exaos Lee <Exaos DOT Lee AT gmail DOT com>

* Directories
  +--> 00README.txt : This file
  +--> bustester : Directory contains utilities for VME bus testing
  +--> modules   : APIs to handle VME modules
  +--> pyutil    : Uitilies in Python, including PyMVME
  +--> sis3100   : Provide lib_sis3100mvme.a/so using with "mvmestd.h"

* Utilities in Python

** PyMVME module

   The module "PyMVME" provides the following stuff:
      a. class StdVME
      	 -- contains standard VME informations.
      b. class MVME_INTERFACE
      	 -- the C structure MVME_INTERFACE wrapped in Python
      c. dict MVME_STATUS
      	 -- the return information defined in "mvmestd.h"
      d. the related useful aliases from "mvmestd.h"
      	 -- including "mvme_addr_t", "mvme_locaddr_t", "mvme_size_t"
      e. class MvmeDev
      	 -- the major class which provides methods to access VME bus.

   You may find examples of how to use module "PyMVME" from "" or
   scripts in dir "test". All of the examples are using "".
   You may find information later in this introduction.


   The script to find VME modules from CAEN. Now, it is still in test status
   and can only find ADCs, TDCs or QDCs.

* SIS3100 library to be used togather with "mvmestd.h"

  The directory "sis3100" contains sources to build libraries as the following:
  a. lib_sis3100.a     -- APIs declared in "sis3100_vme_calls.h"
  b. lib_sis3100mvme.a -- APIs declared in "mvmestd.h". It also contains the
     		       	  same APIs from lib_sis3100.a

  If you want to use shared libraries, especially when you are using utilities
  wrote in Python, you may rebuild the libraries as the following:

    $ cd sis3100
    $ make shared

* APIs to handle VME modules

** vadc_caen.h/c

   Provides APIs to handle ADC-type modules from CAEN, including:
      a. ADCs --- V785, V785N
      b. TDCs --- V775, V775N
      c. QDCs --- V792, V792N

* VME bus testers

  Still under development.

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