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Entry  28 Apr 2004, Konstantin Olchanski, , mhttpd "start run" input field length? 
    Reply  30 Apr 2004, Stefan Ritt, , mhttpd  
Message ID: 62     Entry time: 28 Apr 2004     Reply to this: 63
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: mhttpd "start run" input field length? 
I am setting up a new experiment and I added a "comment" field to "/
Experiment/Edit on start". When I start the run, I see this field, but I
cannot enter anything: the HTML "maxlength" is zero (or 1?). I traced this
to mhttpd.c: if (this is a string) maxlength = key.item_size. But what is
key.item_size for a string? The current length? If so, how do I enter a
string that is longer than the current one (zero in case I start from
scratch). I am stumped! K.O.
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