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Entry  01 Sep 2009, Jimmy Ngai, Forum, Timeout during run transition 
    Reply  03 Sep 2009, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Timeout during run transition 
Message ID: 624     Entry time: 01 Sep 2009     Reply to this: 625
Author: Jimmy Ngai 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Timeout during run transition 
Dear All,

I'm using SL5 and MIDAS rev 4528. Occasionally, when I stop a run in odbedit, 
a timeout would occur: 
[midas.c:9496:rpc_client_call,ERROR] rpc timeout after 121 sec, routine 
= "rc_transition", host = "computerB", connection closed
Error: Unknown error 504 from client 'Frontend' on host computerB

This error seems to be random without any reason or pattern. After this error 
occurs, I cannot start or stop any run. Sometime restarting MIDAS can bring 
the system working again, but sometime not.

Another transition timeout occurs after I change any ODB value using the web 
[midas.c:8291:rpc_client_connect,ERROR] timeout on receive remote computer 
[midas.c:3642:cm_transition,ERROR] cannot connect to client "Frontend" on host 
computerB, port 36255, status 503
Error: Cannot connect to client 'Frontend'

This error is reproducible: start run -> change ODB value within webpage -> 
stop run -> timeout!

Any idea?

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