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Entry  03 Sep 2009, Exaos Lee, Suggestion, Building MIDAS using CMake
    Reply  03 Sep 2009, Exaos Lee, Suggestion, Some screenshot using CMake with MIDAS Screenshot-11.pngScreenshot-13.png
    Reply  06 Sep 2009, Exaos Lee, Suggestion, Updated "CMakeLists.txt" CMakeLists.txt
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Author: Exaos Lee 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Building MIDAS using CMake 
I write some configure file to build MIDAS using CMake. The usage is simple:
1. Unzip the attachment, copy "CMakeLists.txt" and directory "cmake" into the
midas source tree.
   $ cp -rp CMakeLists.txt cmake/  <PATH-TO-MIDAS>/
2. make a separate directory, such as "build". It's a good habit to build a
project without polluting the source tree. :-)
   $ mkdir build
3. Executing cmake
   $ cd build && cmake <PATH-TO-MIDAS>
4. Make
   $ make

Or, you can generate Xcode project files:
  $ cmake -G Xcode <PATH-TO-MIDAS>
or using visual studio
  $ cmake -G "Visual Studio" <PATH-TO-MIDAS>
(I havn't Visual Studio and windows, so the above command is not tested.)
or using other IDEs, such as KDevelop3, Eclipse, etc, just type:
  $ cmake -G "KDevelop3" <PATH-TO-MIDAS>
  $ cmake -G "Eclipse CDT4" <PATH-TO-MIDAS>

I test the configure file with GNU make and CMake 2.6.4 on Debian Lenny. I
havn't add installation commands now. Maybe later. If anyone interests in it, I
may check it again. Anyway, I'm using it.
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