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Entry  09 Sep 2009, Jimmy Ngai, Forum, Retrieve start/stop time in offline 
    Reply  10 Sep 2009, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Retrieve start/stop time in offline 
Message ID: 643     Entry time: 10 Sep 2009     In reply to: 642
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Retrieve start/stop time in offline 
> I set "/Analyzer/ODB Load" to true and analyzed a run in offline mode. After
> that, I found the start time and stop time in /RunInfo did not reflect the
> correct time as in online. How do I retrieve the correct start/stop time from
> the ODB in offline mode?

Most trees in the ODB are not loaded with "/Analyzer/ODB Load", since you might 
want to have the start/stop time of the offline analysis there for example 
(although I agree that the online start/stop time is more interesting). So you 
have several options:

- modify mana.c. There is a function odb_load(), which first locks the whole ODB 
and then unprotects "/Experiment/Run Parameters" for example. Just add three more 
lines for "/Runinfo".

- write a run summary when running online. After each run, write a summary with 
start/stop time, number of events, settings etc. into some file. I usually do this 
in the EOR routine of the online analyzer and write directly into a CSV file which 
I can import directly into Excel. There I can make filtering depending on certain 
parameters, like show me all runs with more than x events where setting y was 10.

- extract the ODB from the .mid file with "odbhist -e filename.mid" and look into 

- The time stamp of each event is in UNIX time form (seconds since 1.1.1970), so 
you now exactly when each event was recorded.

Hope one of this helps...

- Stefan
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