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Message ID: 66     Entry time: 19 Jan 2004
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: darwin aka macosx changes 
I commited the final bits to make Midas build on Darwin aka macosx.

Here is the summary:

1) I treat Darwin as a funny linux, so OS_LINUX is always defined
2) OS_DARWIN is defined for places where the two differ
3) system dependant directory is "midas/darwin/{bin,lib}"
4) a few header files had to be moved around to dodge namespace pollution by Apple system 
header files (i.e. one of the PowerPC header files #defines PVM- collision with PVM in mana.c, 
another #defines Free(x)- collision with ROOT header files)
5) ss_thread_create() and ss_thread_kill() now use midas_thread_t. On Darwin ptherad_t is not 
an "int".
6) the Makefile has no support for building the midas shared library on macosx.
7) on my Mac OS 10.2.8 machine, "make all" works, "odbedit" and "mhttpd" run. This is the 
full extent of my testing. Status on Mac OS 10.3.x is unknown.

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