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Message ID: 665     Entry time: 20 Oct 2009
Author: Peter Simpson 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Midas in linux 
I'm new to both Linux and Midas and having trouble installing the programme - 
the install file suggeats that I should have a directory:


but this doesn't appear.

Also, when running the "make" for the library (step 3 of the installation), I 
don't see the directory "zlib.a", but there is a "libz.a" and I note the 
original .tar file has no libz.a file in it. Is this a typo on the 
The terminal window at this point displays:

undefined reference to `errno'
make: ***[example] Error 1

Further help will no doubt be required as I've used windows throughout my 
research and now looking to learn how to use linux. Any help greatly 
appreciated. Thanks!
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