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Entry  30 Oct 2009, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, new lazylogger release 
    Reply  02 Nov 2009, Exaos Lee, Bug Fix, Build error due to missing header lazylogger.diff
    Reply  02 Nov 2009, Exaos Lee, Suggestion, New cmake files
Message ID: 667     Entry time: 02 Nov 2009     In reply to: 666
Author: Exaos Lee 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: Build error due to missing header 
I encountered a build error as "sort undefined...". It is caused by missing C++ header <algorithm> in which "sort" is defined. It can be fixed as the attachment.

G++: 4.3.4
Platform: Debian Linux testing

> I committed an updated lazylogger with updated documentation. The new version supports subruns and
> can save to external storage arbitrary files (i.e. odb dump files). It also moves most book keeping out of
> odb to permit handling more files on bigger storage disks.
> Example lazylogger scripts for castor (CERN) and dcache (TRIUMF) are in the directory "utils".
> The lazylogger documentation was updated to remove obsolete information and to describe the new
> functions. As usual "make dox; cd doxfiles/html; firefox index.html" or see my copy at:
> svn rev 4615, 4616.
> K.O.
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