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Message ID: 679     Entry time: 26 Nov 2009
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: mserver network routing fix 
mserver update svn rev 4625 fixes an anomaly in the MIDAS RPC network code where
in some network configurations MIDAS mserver connections work, but some RPC
transactions, such as starting and stopping runs, do not (use the wrong network
names or are routed over the wrong network).

The problem is a possible discrepancy between network addresses used to
establish the mserver connection and the value of "/System/Clients/xxx/Host"
which is ultimately set to the value of "hostname" of the remote client. This
ODB setting is then used to establish additional network connections, for
example to start or stop runs.

Use the client "hostname" setting works well for standard configurations, when
there is only one network interface in the machine, with only one IP address,
and with "hostname" set to the value that this IP address resolves to using DNS.

However, if there are private networks, multiple network interfaces, or multiple
network routes between machines, "/System/Clients/xxx/Host" may become set to an
undesirable value resulting in asymmetrical network routing or complete failure
to establish RPC connections.

Svn rev 4625 updates mserver.c to automatically set "/System/clients/xxx/Host"
to the same network name as was used to establish the original mserver connection.

As always with networking, any fix always breaks something somewhere for
somebody, in which case the old behavior can be restored by "setenv
MIDAS_MSERVER_DO_NOT_USE_CALLBACK_ADDR 1" before starting mserver.

The specific problem fixed by this change is when the MIDAS client and server
are on machines connected by 2 separate networks ("" and
"client.daq"; "" and "server.daq"). The "" network
carries the normal SSH, NFS, etc traffic, and the ".daq" network carries MIDAS
data traffic.

The client would use the "server.daq" name to connect to the server and this
traffic would go over the data network (good).

However, previously, the client "/System/Clients/xxx/Host" would be set to
"" and any reverse connections (i.e. RPC to start/stop runs)
would go over the normal "" network (bad).

With this modification, mserver will set "/System/Clients/xxx/Host" to
"client.daq" (the IP address of the interface on the ".daq" network) and all
reverse connections would also go over the ".daq" network (good).

P.S. This modification definitely works only for the default "mserver -m" mode,
but I do not think this is a problem as using "-s" and "-t" modes is not
recommended, and the "-s" mode is definitely broken (see my previous message).

svn rev 4625
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