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Entry  04 Dec 2009, Stefan Ritt, Info, New '/Experiment/Menu buttons' 
    Reply  11 Mar 2010, Stefan Ritt, Info, New '/Experiment/Menu buttons' 
Message ID: 686     Entry time: 04 Dec 2009     Reply to this: 696
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: New '/Experiment/Menu buttons' 
The mhttpd program shows some standard buttons in the top row for 
starting/stopping runs, accessing the ODB, Alarms, etc. Since not all experiments 
make use of all buttons, they have been customized. By default mhttpd creates 
following entry in the ODB:

/Experiment/Menu Buttons = Start, ODB, Messages, ELog, Alarms, Programs, History, 
Config, Help

Which is the standard set (except the old CNAF). People can customize this now by 
removing unnecessary buttons or by changing their order. The "Start" entry above 
actually causes the whole set of Start/Stop/Pause/Resume buttons to appear, 
depending on the current run state. 
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