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Entry  01 Dec 2009, Stefan Ritt, Info, Redesign of status page links Capture.png
    Reply  22 Dec 2009, Suzannah Daviel, Suggestion, Redesign of status page links 
       Reply  11 Jan 2010, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Redesign of status page links Capture.png
Message ID: 692     Entry time: 11 Jan 2010     In reply to: 691
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Redesign of status page links 
> > The custom and alias links in the standard midas status page were shown as HTML 
> > links so far. If there are many links with names having spaces in their names, 
> > it's a bit hard to distinguish between them. Therefore, they are packed now into 
> > individual buttons (see attachment) starting from SVN revision 4633 on. This makes 
> > also the look more homogeneous. If there is any problem with that, please report.
> Would you consider using a different colour for the alias buttons (or background
> colour)? At present it's hard to know whether a button is an alias link, a custom page
> link or a user-button especially if you are not familiar with the button layout. 

Ok, I changed the background colors for the button rows. There are now four different 
colors: Main menu buttons, Scripts, Manually triggered events, Alias & Custom pages. Hope 
this is ok. Of course one could have each button in a different color, but then it gets 
complicated... In that case I would recommend to make a dedicated custom page with all these 
buttons, which you can then tailor exactly to your needs.
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