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Entry  27 Jan 2010, Suzannah Daviel, Forum, custom page - flashing filled area 
    Reply  09 Feb 2010, Stefan Ritt, Forum, custom page - flashing filled area valve.htmlvalve_back.gifvalve.gif
Message ID: 694     Entry time: 09 Feb 2010     In reply to: 693
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: custom page - flashing filled area 
One possibility is to use small GIF images for each valve, which have several frames (called 'animated GIF'). Depending on the state you can use a static GIF or the flashing GIF. An alternate approach is to use a static background image, and display a valve with different color on top of the background in regular intervals using JavaScript. I tried that with the attached page. Just create a custom page /Custom/Valve = valve.html and put all three attachments into your mhttpd directory. The JavaScript displays the red valve on top of the background with a 3 Hz frequency. The only trick is to position the overlay image exactly on top of the background image. This is done using the 'absolute' position in the style sheet. It needs a bit playing to find the proper position, but then it works fine.
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