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Entry  30 Jul 2010, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, macos 10.6 success 
    Reply  31 Aug 2010, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, macos 10.6 success 
Message ID: 716     Entry time: 31 Aug 2010     In reply to: 712
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: macos 10.6 success 
> As of svn rev 4794, midas builds, runs and should be fully usable on MacOS 10.6.4. Previous revisions did 
> not compile due to assorted Linuxisms and did not run because of a sizeof() problem in ss_gettid(). Also 
> one of the system header files (mtio.h?) present in MacOS 10.5 vanished from 10.6.

It turns out that on MacOS 10.6 the default maximum SYSV shared memory size is about 2 Mbytes, too small even for the default MIDAS SYSTEM 
event buffer.

Svn revision 4807 implements POSIX shared memory, which does not seem to have such a small size limit and makes it the default on MacOS.

This update fixes the last issue that I am aware of for running MIDAS on MacOS.

svn rev 4807
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