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Entry  13 Sep 2010, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, modified mhttpd history panel editor 
    Reply  17 Sep 2010, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, modified mhttpd history panel editor 
       Reply  20 Sep 2010, Stefan Ritt, Info, modified mhttpd history panel editor 
Message ID: 719     Entry time: 17 Sep 2010     In reply to: 718     Reply to this: 721
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: modified mhttpd history panel editor 
> mhttpd.c svn rev 4823 implements a modified history planel editor. all previous functions should work 
> as before (minus new bugs). New experimental functions added:
> a) there is a new column "Order" containing numbers 10, 20, 30, etc. ...

While this seems to work well enough, it might remain a function for "advanced users". For novice
users, a simpler gui, i.e. with "move up" and "move down" buttons, would have been "better", or
at least more familiar. (However I have double plus negative experience using nice
looking "move up and down buttons" to rearrange something I actually need to rearrange,
so I have no interest in implementing something I do not want to use. Think about moving
an item all the way from the bottom of a 10 item list to the very top. No do this not as a mental
exercise, but on a slow loading mhttpd web page running somewhere in Japan).

> b) there is a new button "List all variables" to list all existing variables

Some improvement here (mhttpd.c svn 4823): variables are organized by equipment and by history event
into an expandable list. (I already know that this list expansion does not play well with web page
scrolling, same problem exists in the ODB inline editor).

Again, midas users who have a small number of history events may find this new function
not so useful, but the old way was pretty much unusable for T2K/ND280.

Also, for users with a large number of history events, there 2 new ODB variables
/History/MaxDisplayEvents and /History/MaxDisplayTags which limit the maximum
number of events and tags listed in the old scrollable "option" selector history editor.
For the T2K/ND280 case, this reduces the size of the web page and reduces the page load
time quite substantially. (I picked default values of 20 events and 200 tags quite arbitrary,
perhaps the default should have been "no limit", but then nobody would benefit from this
possibility to substantially reduce web page load times - unless they read documentation (yea, right!)
that is not yet written).

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