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Message ID: 720     Entry time: 17 Sep 2010
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Added mserver host based access control 
In svn rev 4825, I added host based access control to mserver (the MIDAS RPC server). The implementation 
is a verbatim copy mhttpd host based access control list (-a command line switch).

Same as for mhttpd, "mserver -a hostname" enables access control and only permits access from listed 
host names (supply multiple -a switches for multiple hostnames).

This access control does not apply yet for the MIDAS RPC socket connections between MIDAS clients used 
to do RPC callbacks, i.e. to request run transitions. Each MIDAS program is listening for MIDAS RPC 
connections on a high TCP port and at present accepts connections from anybody. To implement access 
controls one could add "-a" switches to every midas application (lot of work) or fill the access control list 
automatically from ODB. mserver still has to use the "-a" command line switches because there is no ODB 
connection when it has to accept or reject remote sockets.

svn rev 4825
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